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The art of berries

Our goal is to bring the better products all across the chain.

Different fruits, different varieties, different strategies. The goal is to provide to the market new material able to help farmers, to give to buyers and retailers relevant point of strength and to give people moments of superior taste and healthy benefits.

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Three programs to match your needs

Legacy is gold

Our legacy programs that made us well known in the world


The variety that made us

Early and adaptable: the right solution for your top-quality crop. Enrosadira is a topclass early primocane variety. Vigorous but really easy-to-pick variety, bright red color, good shelf-life and a unique taste. What else? It’s a very adaptable variety. Growers from Mexico to Australia are experiencing this magic, what are you waiting for?


A stunning taste for your
late harvest.

The new late primocane variety, great if managed like a floricane type, very suitable for mid-high chill areas but it shows a great versatility. Easy to pick, big size and a really exceptional taste.


The right one for your local
or hobby production.

Halley is the new early primocane variety, it shows its best in at least 400 hours zones. High yeald and easy to pick and cultivate with very aromatic and sweet berries. The point of strength? It’s completely thornless!

The world of our raspberries



Easy concept

G-Berries and Lucchini Berries are delighted to announce that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership to develop, promote and sell genetics and providing high-quality plants for the raspberry growers worldwide.

The idea

The market is increasingly complex, the climate increasingly hard to manage. Every day farmers look for something good, beautiful and easy to harvest, which allows them to grow raspberries with satisfaction, both varietal and economic. Retailers are looking for an extra day on the shelves. Born from a farmer, for farmers, here is EasyStar and EasyRock.



The star of your winter

Extremely easy to pick. Light and bright color which is maintained even after the harvest. Very high productivity. In the Mediterranean region, with the right planting date and management it’s suitable for the winter production.


The tasty solution
to fill in the gap. Rock’n’grow!

Extremely easy to pick. High vigor that characterized erect plants, good rooting and high resistance to fungal pathogens. With a good taste, could be grown as long canes to anticipate your production in the first months of the year.

The world of Easy Concept


It’s time for the first step of G-Berries in magic world of blueberries: in partnership with Cuna de Platero we present Cupla.

The Mediterranean area is experiencing a fantastic time regarding berries and we want to offer farmers something special. Cupla is a variety that is characterized by its earliness and productive performance with the peak of the production in March. Cupla helps the growers with more yield per hectare, less consumption of water and a great shelf life.

Cupla is a licensed variety property of Moguer Cuna de Platero S.Coop. and exclusively managed from G-Berries S.r.l. for Italy and Greece. Molari Società Agricola S.S. is the authorized nursery.

Productivity from late December to
early May, with higher concentration
in February and March

Keeps the 97,5% of its
weight after 30 days at 4°C


We know blacks are a niche, but we really love blackberries. A strong focus on primocane genetics, shelf-life and taste.
Blackberry Development Program (BDP), borns in 2022, is coming.

Stay tuned!

The world of G

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